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Living Dialogue branding

Project type

Branding & Logos


June 2023

Maria Prodromou is facilitator of dialogue and inquiry; a philosophy practitioner, teacher trainer, and education consultant based in London. She wanted to update her branding for her established business Living Dialogue.

We started in consultation with Maria and exploring the business to really understand the personality of the brand, the target audience and what Maria liked visually. Her website was perfect inspiration! We borrowed the tree from her landing page and combined the idea of silhouetted profiles of faces ... suggesting talking face to face.
This struck a chord immediately with Maria and the logo developed from there. Through close contact during the brand development we produced selection of logos that Maria can use in different circumstances.

Maria says: "Richard exceeded my expectations! He read between the lines and created a logo that captures and communicates the essence of my business. Brilliant and open communication throughout the process. I couldn't be happier with the result."

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