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This Book is a 3D Pirate Ship

Project Type

Book design, paper engineering


Nov 2019

RAA's Amy and Richard visit pirate festivals all over the country, so Richard loved designing this project when he worked at Igloo Books. Because inside lurks a terror of the seven seas!

By pressing out the cleverly shaped chunky pages, readers reveal the decks of a pirate ship, from keel to crow's nest. It's also full of astonishing facts about pirating life. Complete with press-out cannons, mast, and scoundrel crew, this is a book, 3D model and play scene all in one.

Richard developed the concept by working up dielines in Adobe Illustrator, then mocking the ship up on 4mm foamboard. Most complex paper engineering designs such as this one go through a mockup phase as a physical paper model is the best way to examine structures for any issues.

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